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Welcome to Cindy’s photography and digital fine art website. I am located in North Georgia, and love photographing just about everything, but have a special place in my heart for horses, nature and western lifestyle. Off and on throughout my adult life I have played with photography, but it wasn’t until I started photographing horses that I rejuvenated my true love and passion for horses. In addition to my love for horses and western lifestyle, I often travel the back roads of North Georgia, the   Smokey Mountains and when my schedule allows venture out west to photograph the beauty of the wild horses, western lifestyles and wild life.

As a photographer my focus is to capture that special moment, freezing time and capturing the one thing the human eye may or may not have seen in that split second. With that, striving to instill an emotion or trigger a memory.  If my work does this, than I’ve met my goal. The old saying "A picture is worth a 1000 words” is so true and what I strive for in my work.

I have a tremendous love and respect for the American Wild Mustangs, which is a big part of my work.  Much of this is in part to having the opportunity to photograph them in the wild and myself adopting a Mustang in 2013 named Cayenne Skye. Cayenne was born wild in the mountains of California and rounded up as a yearling separated from her family and herd.  She was held in a BLM holding facility, no longer running free for three year.  Luckily she was chosen as one of the many Mustangs adopted and that competed as part of the Mustang Million hosted by the Mustang Heritage  Foundation.  My love for her as well as all Mustangs still running wild or in holdings that I strive to capture their spirit, and beauty.  Hopefully my efforts as well as others will help bring them to the forefront providing an awareness that will help the Mustang.   

My photography has won numerous awards, featured in the award winning documentary “She had some horses”, and as the book cover photo for “Ten Good Horses” by Robert L. Stave. My work is also featured in businesses, homes and many private collections.

My work is available for purchase and I offer licenses through this website. My websites is updated frequently, so be sure and check back often.

 I am active on social media and you can also connect with me through Facebook at "Cindy Appling Photography " .

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